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Whacksy Taxi - IPhone
Race across the US map, from the cityscapes of New York to the valleys of San Francisco, while setting the highest score and attaining glory on the local and international leaderboards. Whacksy Taxi is a fun, entertaining, easy, and highly engaging game that will give you hours of replay value.
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Whacksy Taxi - IPhone & Android
Whacksy Taxi, the app beloved by over 2 million fans from across the globe is soon to hop its way to the Android platform! Get ready to take a trip across the country from the cityscapes of New York to the valleys of San Francisco with the jumping little yellow taxi for a ride of your life. So power-up your devices and prepare yourself for an all out Android powered adrenaline pumping frenzy; unlike any you have experience before on the platform!
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Farm Break
Tired of the Farm? Help Sally, Knukkles and Big Jim to beat Farmer Brown's Traps and escape to freedom! Navigate your way through multiple obstacle-ridden levels in the hilarious and witty PHYSICS PUZZLER. Dodge lasersm bounce on tires, and avoid "The Brush" as you weave your way out of the farm!.
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Tetra Defence - 3D Tetris!
Bogey The Tentacle has sworn to take over the world and is invading earth in his Positronic-Piece-Dropping ship! As he attacks with multiple pieces, you have to place them in an isometric 3D grid to form Quads. Each Quad you form returns damage to Bogey (which makes him angrier!). You must prevent Bogey from overloading the grid by constantly forming Quads, or else Earth is doomed!

As you progress, you earn gold in the game! You can use that to purchase and upgrade Earth's defenses to ward Bogey off and slow down his invasion. But watch out! Bogey is as fiery as his color and will unleash relentless attacks as he gets angrier!
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Wordity is a brand new word game experience that introduces arcade style polished gameplay to the word genre. Offering 3 completely varied game modes, and a challenge mode that combines gameplay, Wordity is a word game experience like no other! Solve anagrams on the fly,

find words in our cryptic search grid, and play Wordity Classic - a new game mode that is best described as a mixture of Bejewled and Scrabble! Post your high score on our Openfeint leaderboards and unlock achievements as you weave your way through the Wordity Challenge!
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