Ap(p)titude for brilliance — Mindstorm Studios’ vision of the app market


Pakistan is growing to become a big player in the local technology sector, but needs more in terms of innovation and creativity. In a recent piece posted on the Express Tribune’s website, our very own Mr. Babar Ahmed was quoted on the status quo of Pakistan’s technological advancements.

The article highlights Pakistan’s growth in IT outsourcing and app development, but calls to attention a need for more creativity and radical thinking when designing software for different industries. With local resources being used to meet the demands of foreign clients, there is very little in the way of diversity and innovation. “Originality in games is [also] dying, if not already dead! Don’t be surprised if the next big hit is The Amazing ‘Super’ Spider Man” quoted Babar, bringing into account the need to have truly unique and creative content with the heavy investment and lucrative nature of the IT industry in modern times. With a greater emphasis on technology in today’s world, it’s really important to consider the growth of smart new ideas in order for the mobile app market to evolve and continue to be profitable.

Source: Express Tribune

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