Dawn at Mindstorm – Mindstorm Featured In The News


Mindstorm Studios recently got featured in the news, this time with an excerpt of a conversation which our CEO Babar Ahmed had with the folks from the AFP.

The article, which was published on the website of the leading local publication Dawn and focused upon the video game development studios in Pakistan, centered around the core companies that formed the developer bloc.A While discussing the subject of game development within the region, Ahmed was quoted as being one of the numerous young entrepreneurs heading the booming IT industry in Pakistan. Speaking at length about the progress being made in the field, Ahmed shared the details of the initiative that brought about the existence of Mindstorm Studios.

“The idea was to put Pakistan on the gaming world” said Ahmed. Reaffirming his belief on how the best way to contribute to a local industry and a growing market was by playing an active part in it,  Ahmed said that the “drawing room talkâ€? was not the way to go about it.

The journalistic piece also elaborated upon Mindstorm’s focus towards mobile game development, and how the smartphone industry changed overnight “the definition of what a game is”, opening up an entire new frontier. This frontier was one that Mindstorm chose to be a part of.

The article goes on to give readers a brief history about how the company came to be, and includes some of our top selling games such as Whacksy Taxi, Mafia Farm and Cricket Power getting special mentions. It also mentions some of the negative traits associated with being situated in a place like Pakistan and the difficulties that arise from that.



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