National Tv – Mindstorm Studios’ CEO Babar Ahmed on the new Game Industry in Pakistan

Mindstorm Studios CEO Babar Ahmed and some of the other leading entrepreneurs of the gaming industry were invited to Pakistan’s national television, “PTV World” recently to discuss the growth of game studios in the country. Babar introduced Mindstorm Studios as being founded in 2006 and explained the company’s transition from creating award-winning titles such as “Cricket Revolution” to moving into the mid-core gaming market.
Talking about the development of the games, he explained the process of prototyping and iteration and how the user data is gathered from a test audience and used to optimize the game.
Babar also talked about the importance and purpose of the games and how they are being used for marketing and business purposes, with the main focus of Mindstorm Studios being to make games which are more about healthy competition rather than immersion.
The studio was hailed as one of the most successful gaming studios in the country, and Babar attributed this to the company adapting and improvising according to the audience’s needs. In the end, while explaining the goals of the company he said, “The goal of Mindstorm studios is to make the best thing in the world from Pakistan”.

Weekend World With Huma (Date:09-11-2014) by weekendworld6

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